Their colour is an intense crepuscular crimson with a hint of mauve. The young red wine has aromas of cherry, strawberry and blackcurrant, and when matured, leather, truffle, fur, game. Notes of macerated fruits (prune) complete the picture. Muscular and vigorous, chewy and full-bodied, its structure is both well built and well-balanced and it is long in the mouth.

Powerful and strongly-built, its normal partners would be any meat that is at once full-flavoured and virile (roast lamb, rib steak, or breast of fattened duck). Feathered game, similarly, responds to the charm of the wild and animal aromas which the wine develops with age. Cheeses : soft centred cheeses in the style of Époisses, Langres or Soumaintrain.

Serving temperature : 15 to 16°C