The winemaking process

It takes about three years to make a bottle of wine. During this time, as a painter front of his virgin canvas, the winegrower will practice his art of vine and wine to create a new vintage.

~ In vino veritas ~

« December »

The Guyot pruning, with a cane from five to eight buds and a spur from one to three buds.

« March »

Tying down the canes

« May »

The de-budding consists of removing by hand the "suckers" growing on the old wood.

« June »

tie up consists in placing young branches between two central wires and holding them together with ties.

« July »

The trimming is to cut the branches of vines (shoots) in excess of trellising system.

« December-August »

Plowing or ploughing, carried out in order to aerate the soil and suppress weeds.

« June-July »

sulphate spraying with sulfur and copper to protect the vines from fungal diseases such as powdery mildew and downy mildew.

« End of July »

The thinning is to remove the leaves growing at the height of the grapes in order to promote the ripening and avoid rot.

« September »

tasting the berries before harvest in order to judge the maturity of the grapes at both sugar and tannins.